Monday, December 27, 2010


do you know that I'm currently  addicted to "You're Beautiful", a korean drama starred Park Shin-hye, Jang Geun Suk, Lee Hong Ki and Jung Yong Hwa.
Maybe it seems a little bit late because some of you may have seen it several months ago or maybe last year. Actually I have seen it during my last holiday on September, but due to the hectic architecture stuff, I stopped watching it and haven't finished till the last episode..

however, since I watched it, I become a fan of anything related to this korean drama.. I used to play and replay and replay and replay the soundtrack last month..

this is one of the song with background video clip containing some scene of this korean drama..

almost all of the soundtrack are really lovely
nice songs to be listened ♥♥♥

and of course I can't resist the tendency of admiring the actor (*like what most of the girls always get into*)..
and now the most handsome one is..........

 Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin Woo
he's not the main role in this korean drama, but I don't know why I sometimes loves the calm and care character one than the main role who usually arrogant
and the most important thing is he looks so cool there :) 


actually the main role, Jang Geun Suk who played as Hwang Tae Kyung, was not bad, but I hate his style here..
I don't know why the main role sometimes has a 'NO' style *for me*


but when I found this pict.... hmmmm..
it changed my mind..
he's nice too..
unfortunately, he didn't use this style when play as Hwang Tae Kyung..

I'll wait to see it again till 3rd of Jan-the end of my final exam for the 5th semester- hope it has a nice ending (as always fun-romantic korean drama did)

Saturday, December 25, 2010



wish you all a Merry Christmas...

May the Joys of the season
fill your heart with goodwill and cheer
May the chimes of Christmas glory
add up more shine and spread
Smiles across the miles

 God Bless You and Your Family

wish me luck for my final exam *yeah I still have some final assignments for being submitted till 3rd Jan*

Sunday, December 12, 2010

a little girl to a little lady

between school, college, friendship, and happiness...

1st stage:

pre-school and kindergarten - TK Citra Bangsa (Surabaya)

 still.. kindergarten..
I used to take apart in every events at my kindergarten school
my mom said that the school is more often playing and taking apart in many show and contest rather than studying
uhmm.. I think so.. but it's no matter for me coz I really enjoy it...
and do you know that I often won either in competition or in the class :D

 2nd stage:

Elementary School - SDK Santo Yosef (Surabaya)
can you find me????
I guess not.. I was at the left side, the most left.. and you can only see a half of me..
yeah.. unfortunately, it was my friend who take the photos, and he/she didn't make it well by cutting the edge side :(
I got this photo from facebook group, and I don't have one at all because my family and I moved to Jakarta after I graduated from the elementary school.. so I have lost some of my childhood photographs (and some are still left in my house in Surabaya)..
my mom just bring some 'lucky'  photographs here..

 3rd stage:

Junior High School - SMP Kristen Yusuf  (Jakarta)

now I move to a new school (and also new city)
but these photos wasn't taken when I firstly came into the school.. I don't know why I passed some memory by just having a few photographs when I was in Junior High School.. and here are some of them
this is one of my best friends.. Selly..
we wore our brown batik school uniform (the second uniform beside the national white-blue one)..

4th stage:

Senior High School - SMAK 1 BPK PENABUR (Jakarta)

this is the best part of my life ever I think..
I do love this school so much
(although we have to cope with the crazy and sucks learning standards there).. 
but I was so proud when I came into this school..
miss those time so much ♥♥♥

with the SMUKIEZ CHOIR team when I was in the 1st grade

  independence day celebration with red and white outfits

 school coridor - after school

di2, tirza, ophe, and me - my 2nd grade's best friend
*I don't know why but I have a different best friend every year, depend on who my classmate is.. but all of them are my best friend indeed :D*
it was taken before ophe (her real name is Olivia) went to Singapore 
and followed with di2 (Diana) to Singapore and Tirza to Aussie
and they left me here alone :(
but fortunately, they always come back here every holiday.. miss u girls :)

during the SMUKIE CUP - our annual sports event

field trip to Bandung and Lembang - 3rd grade
marlene (one of my 3rd grade's best friend)

class fareweel celebration - Lembang (*again)
paurine (my best friend since the 1st first grade)

graduation !!!! good bye my lovely school..
in these photos: kelly, pau2, pam, jo, ceqa, lene
(3rd grade best friends)

prom nite - Shine Like Stars...

5th stage:
...current stage :) ...
University of Indonesia - Architecture
currently on the 5th semester

 in these photos: jessica, jessica lie, nico, ryan, santoso, mijo

there are too many photos during the college time, but those are some of which I like most

*unfortunately I don't have my infant photographs, because (*again*) it was left in my former house :( *

pre-christmas photoshots

yeahh I know christmas hasn't come yet, but the atmosphere has been coming all over Jakarta.. as what we can see at some malls, they have been made over with some christmas decoration.. so lovely ♥♥♥

one of the malls in Jakarta which always have a great christmas decoration is Taman Anggrek Mall (usually called TA).. let's see how does it look this year..

it's so nice, right??? :D

as we couldn't have a great warm christmas euphoria in Jakarta like in other country in Europe or America, this christmas decoration at least can bring us a little christmas atmosphere when we come into the malls..

there's a very bad news for this christmas actually.. do you know that I have to spend  the christmas time in the middle of my final exam period :(
ohh that's a very very bad thing.. never mind..
this is the saddest christmas ever during the 20 years of my life.. poor me..

bad thing must not face sadly.. my architecture friends and I have our own way to celebrate our (pre) christmas :D
here's some of our photoshot at the studio class  with Stella, Yola, and Nico before the internal review of my final architecture project (10 Dec 2010)...

I really love it.. happiness in the middle of hectic week :)

anyway.. happy holiday for you who have finished the final exam guys ^^

Saturday, December 4, 2010


we only have one sister..
although we sometimes quarelled, it doesn't mean we hate each other

we grow together since childhood
we live in the same condition
but it seems that my younger sister is tougher than me
I even more often cry than her :(

since I get into the university, we are no longer meeting everyday as usual
we just meet for 2 days in a week
and we're busy with own stuff

but still...
we are sisters
nothing, nobody, nowhere could ever change it

anyway : congratz for ur baptism tommorow 05.12.10 :)