Sunday, July 11, 2010

BEAUTY TREND: Rainbow Nails

Nowadays,, some new trends of nail coloring turn up and have been varied the way  women and girls color their nail.. One of these new trends is rainbow nails.. This is the way how we can color our nails with some combination of bright rainbow color.. This rainbow colored nails bring a cheerful emotion  to our nails.. You can try this to make a new spirit and forget that traditional BORING one-colored manicure – have some fun by mixing and maching colors in the carefree spirit.

Here's how the cute rainbow nails look like:

1. Jane from Sea of Shoes opts for a pastel rainbow pedicure with her killer prada chandelier heels. For those of you not brave enough for a full rainbow manicure, this is a great way to test out the waters.

BEAUTY TREND: Rainbow Nails

2.  For you brave souls in love with this summer’s hot neon trend, do as Arabelle of Fashion Pirates and spring for a full on neon manicure! Accessorize with a fun brightly colored watch!

BEAUTY TREND: Rainbow Nails

3. Shini from Park & Cube does an bright rainbow-esque pattern on her nails, in correspondence to the actual ROYGBIV colors of a rainbow.
BEAUTY TREND: Rainbow Nails

4.  The Stylish Wanderer opts for a lighter more neutral trend on the nails which I personally LOVE.  I can’t wait to try this trend with a white/blush/nude ensemble!
BEAUTY TREND: Rainbow Nails

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