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about Taylor Lautner: kind of girls he likes..

Taylor Lautner.. ohh no.. He's so damn cute.. when I first saw him at the "Twilight", nothing special with him.. But after Jacob Black (his role name) cut his hair at the "Twilight: New Moon", he looks so cool.. And also his six packed body which was shown up at that movie makes him look more cool.. I can't imagine how lucky the girl who can steal his heart.. but recently I've just checked and found that Taylor Lautner was born in 1992.. I was really shocked.. He's younger than me.. That's a common case that Westerner will look older than Asian at the same age.. So I don't even realize that he's still 18, 2 years younger than me... But, it's okey.. he still looks cool..

I've also found a lil fact about Taylor Lautner, especially about kind of girls he likes.. Actually I found it unintentionally when I was searching about his biography.. and I'm not thinking about being his girl because I'm an asian girl.. yeahh.. not a typical westerner boys look for.. I just wanna share it.. maybe it's something we don't know before..



Taylor has a thing for brunettes. Confession—I haven’t found a statement where Taylor explicitly says that he prefers brunettes, so let’s review how I came to this conclusion. Taylor's ex-girlfriend is Sara Hicks. Here is a picture of them having fun in front of the camera. Brunette?

He has been romantically linked to Disney starlet Selena Gomez. Brunette?

His celebrity crushes are Jessica Alba and Megan Fox.

Our brunette check is 4 out of 4. I think it’s pretty safe to say that Taylor likes brunettes. But don’t fret pretty blonde ladies, this doesn’t mean that he would never date a blonde. After all, looks aren’t everything right?

Update NOV 09: Hold up. Wait a minute. Taylor has been spotted around town several times with his "Valentine's Day" co-star Taylor Swift, who is a very pretty blond. It's time to toss this brunette theory out the window.

That being said, let’s move on to the personality traits Taylor Lautner finds attractive.



He likes girls who can be silly and ridiculous sometimes. Hence, a dork.

have fun

Who doesn’t like a girl who is fun to be around? Taylor doesn’t want to hang out with a party pooper.

not uptight


There’s no need to be tense and reserved around Taylor. He likes girls who can “open up and be free.”

be herself


Taylor is interested in a girl who can be herself and doesn't try to be someone different.

hmmm... now do you have the same thing on your mind?? he's really cool and attractive rite?? that's why he likes an attractive and sociable girl ( and brunette maybe... lol )

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