Saturday, December 4, 2010

a little conscience

realizing something...
what I should have and shouldn't have actually
maybe I've come into the wrong way...
and sometimes didn't think about reality
I should have fulfilled all priorities first

looking to others'...
make me realize and understand
that this world is too complicated..
too big..
and too wide to be understand that sometimes I couldn't cope with it anymore

When I feel that I have everything, actually I haven't anything..
I must have many 'things' inside me, but I never grow it well
that's the reason why sometimes I feel that I don't have some things...

I realize that life is so colorful..
it's not just about going to school & college, studying, and making friend
but we have choice...
we have what we called 'talent'
talent is just like GRACE from God, we could never look for, strive, or learned it
all we can do is just use and develop it
 if it's done,
so we'll appreciate ourselves
and very thankful to God for giving us that awesome things

and now I'm trapped in this kind of situation
where these critical phases make me so confused about the importance of life...

Sometimes I asked why I was placed here
how if I were her, him, they, or anyone else...

Sometimes there's situation where I feel so depressed
and I couldn't tell it to anyone
and maybe writing is the best way for me..

  but sometimes I feel that this world is mine
I always get everything I need and I want
I'm proud of being ME...

...that's LIFE...
sometimes up and sometimes down
just see it as the  harsh way to reach the peak :D


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