Sunday, December 12, 2010

pre-christmas photoshots

yeahh I know christmas hasn't come yet, but the atmosphere has been coming all over Jakarta.. as what we can see at some malls, they have been made over with some christmas decoration.. so lovely ♥♥♥

one of the malls in Jakarta which always have a great christmas decoration is Taman Anggrek Mall (usually called TA).. let's see how does it look this year..

it's so nice, right??? :D

as we couldn't have a great warm christmas euphoria in Jakarta like in other country in Europe or America, this christmas decoration at least can bring us a little christmas atmosphere when we come into the malls..

there's a very bad news for this christmas actually.. do you know that I have to spend  the christmas time in the middle of my final exam period :(
ohh that's a very very bad thing.. never mind..
this is the saddest christmas ever during the 20 years of my life.. poor me..

bad thing must not face sadly.. my architecture friends and I have our own way to celebrate our (pre) christmas :D
here's some of our photoshot at the studio class  with Stella, Yola, and Nico before the internal review of my final architecture project (10 Dec 2010)...

I really love it.. happiness in the middle of hectic week :)

anyway.. happy holiday for you who have finished the final exam guys ^^

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