Monday, June 27, 2011

Swerving Path

I did a simple photoshot few months ago and I just feel like posting it right now..

Actually it’s not my style..
I’ve never used that skirt for a year (or more maybe) as I think it’s a little bit childish
Yet I feel like wearing it once I found it in my closet
and it turns out to be nice (even I still don’t have any intention to wear it somewhere)

“sometimes we need to try something out of our own way”

Have a nice day ♥

Firework - Katy Perry
this song keeps flying around and around in my head recently.. enjoy :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Quick Fixes to Common Beauty Problems

I just find these beauty tips and I’d like to share it with you..

You might not realize that your fridge and your medicine cabinet offer tons of quick beauty fixes.
Here are some home beauty problem solvers..

Tired Eyes.
Steep two bags of green tea in 1 cup of water. Chill (make sure it is cool to touch, so you don’t burn your eyelids) and place on eyes for 15 minutes. You can also use chilled cucumbers placed on eyes for 15 minutes.

Puffy Eyes
Place two cotton balls into 1 cup of cold whole milk. Make sure the cotton balls are well saturated and place on your eyes for ten minutes.

Eyebrow Wax Pain Reliever
Apply a small amount of oral topical anesthetic like Ambesol to help reduce the pain of tweezing and waxing.

Vaseline (my favorite beauty product) is the perfect lip gloss. Line lips and then add a small covering of vaseline. You can also use it to add shine after you put on your favorite lip color.

Apply a small dab of toothpaste to the zit. Let it sit for no more than two minutes. Not sure exactly why this seems to work, but it does.

Squeeze 2 tablespoons of lemon juice onto a cotton swab and sweep over face.

Whip one egg and spread on face. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

Dull Skin
Use this common household product as a toner: dip one cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and sweep over skin in a circular motion. Be careful to avoid eye area. You can also dip a cotton ball in a cup of vodka and spread along skin.

Dry Skin
If no lotion is available use leave on hair conditioner instead. It works miracles in a pinch. Conditioner also works well as a substitute shaving gel/cream.

Warm dry coffee grounds and work the grounds into the skin to help reduce cellulite.

Bad Breath
Baking soda works wonders for bad breath. Put a teaspoon on your toothbrush; add a little water and brush as usual, including tongue and gums.

Wet Nails
This tip I learned from a nail technician. Dip wet nails into ice cold water for quick drying or spray with a pan oil like Pam. 

Dry Hair
In a pinch use a little dab of skin lotion or Vaseline on hair.

Dull Hair
Be like the French and rinse your hair out with a cup of champagne to brighten hair color.

Oily Hair
A little baking soda sops the oil right up. Be careful not to go overboard.

Global Street Chic

Photographers from across the world capture the street style of their hometowns..
Let's check it out...

I adore the left-side Portland one..
which one do you like??


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gossip Girl Style

When the CW's Gossip Girl premiered in 2007, the rich-kids-gone-wild drama used its hallway as a runway, making private-school plaid and appliqué headbands instantly covetable (even designer Anna Sui is hooked: she based her entire Target collection on the nighttime soap). But in the show's third season, now airing on Monday nights, Blair, Serena, and Vanessa are headed to college (while Jenny rules the school as a junior), which means bye-bye jumpers and hello, well, what? "There will definitely be more of an adult allure to the wardrobe," says costume designer Eric Daman, a former model who once worked as an assistant to Patricia Field on Sex and The City.

Let’s take a look at their outfit style then..


Kate Middleton Intends to Pay for All Her Clothing

2 days ago, Prince William turns 29 and will celebrate quietly at his home in Anglesey, North Wales, where he's just having a "normal working week." This day makes him the same age as the most interesting person he knows, and possibly the most interesting person in the world: Kate Middleton..
Onto the news about her, which is why you're really reading this: People reports that Kate is working on putting together the outfits she'll need for her imminent eleven-day trip. The visit being her first to the area, she has little room for sartorial error (first impressions, you know), though it would be very very difficult for her to make one at all because she's one of those rare celebrities whose sartorial errors are heralded as fabulous and fashionable. Anyhow, she won't be using a stylist and won't be accepting any free clothes, which shows impressive will power on her part because you can only imagine the truckloads of free loot showing up in her mail truck.

From People:
Royal officials say she may be striking "private agreements" with designers to help build her tour wardrobe.
A spokesman for the couple adds that the Duchess "has a policy not to accept any free offers of clothing. We would never discuss the prices paid for individual items - these will remain private between the Duchess and the designers. She will not receive any special clothing budget for the Canada and California tour."

Well, it's not that hard to imagine what she's spending, anyway, since many of her pieces are from mainstream chains like Reiss. And you can easily Google around for price tags of the more precious pieces, like that awesome sparkly Jenny Packham dress she wore to a gala earlier this month, and see that that one costs $5,000. Or $3,000 on sale, not that you can still get it, now that it's been Kated.

missing my school so bad

It's been 3 years since I graduated from high school, but I can't forget anything about it
It's the most beautiful memory so far
Sometimes I'm kinda missing it and feel like I wanna replay everything in my highschool time
Though I know it's not a pleasure to replay the (freaking crazy) tests *of  course*
but I think it's really better than the college assignments

As what we often hear, "high school is the most beautiful memory"
it's totally right!!
some of my friends and I used to think that maybe we don't have that kind of beautiful memory in our highschool
but when I've left it and gone through the next phase after it, I just realize that nothing is gonna be better than it...

School building and Mars SMAK 1

to be honest, I hate it when the school building was painted in blue-red-yellow-grey
it's better in its former condition, the broken white one

I'm fond of the mars
Since the first time I heard it, I think it's a spirited (with a bit army-feel I think) and prestigious song
believe it or not I still perfectly remember the song

 this is my beloved math teachers
I adore them so much.. They teach me well, the way they explain lessons is pretty good
and also, I love mathematics so much.. from elementary till highschool I love math!!
(actually there are many other teachers, but I'm not gonna move the whole yearbook in this post... I just put the math teachers simply just because I love math better than other subjects)




enjoy your highschool time no matter how hard it is
you're gonna be missing it once you graduate

university and working environment will never give you such a lovely friendship as highschool did
a lot of rivalries, conflicts, and goals for future

SMUKIE I will never forget you
you're my best school ever
you've taught me everything

*see how I look on those photos..
how can I have those haircut?!? how can I do those pose and expression?!?
totally absurd >.<

when writing doesn't meet reading

It's my bad that I love writing but damn I hate reading so much!!!
That's why my writing might look just so-so, not that philosophical or poetic or heavy-minded... yeah it's me.. I just wanna share what I'm thinking and finding..
But still I have to improve my writing skill, there are so many ways other than just reading, such as watching, listening, and writing..

I do more easily understand voice and graphic than words..
Even a psychological test I took some years ago stated that I'm an audiovisual.. yap, it does really match to what I've said, right?? It seems that I could be a 'voice+graphic to words' translator - it's not something to be proud of then.. I can understand something well from listening, watching, or looking at graphics; and then tranform it into hundreds or even thousands words..
But actually it should be in the opposite way, since I'm an architecture student.. I have to interpret my ideas in drawings.. yet I always think that there's so many thing missing when I'm drawing.. maybe it's because my drawing skill is not that good..
As what my lecturer said, we should understand the difference between: 'menggambar' dan 'menggambarkan' (in indonesian)
Till now I still haven't got what did she mean.. but I guess: 'menggambar': to draw something,  and 'menggambarkan': to explain with drawings that show the information 

hufh.. It's me.. I'm just an ordinary person.. I'm not perfect but I always try to learn everything to get more more and more.. whether it's about writing, drawing, reading, or anything else..

Today I feel like writing some posts as I have a lot in my mind..
and this is my first post...

This morning I just tried to open my blog from the Internet Explorer (instead of Firefox and Google Chrome as usual) and I'm quite shocked when opening it.. I find that my pointer cursor at the blog is customized and love-shaped :O
I don't know whether I have to feel happy or disappointed about it.. I totally forget what I've done, maybe I've ever customized it before but I forgot which one, or maybe it's from my template or previous templates..
If so, I hope I can get it back to  the default pointer (as it looks so childish), but I don't know what to change.. but somehow I like it as it pretty matches to my current blog layout..

*please tell me if you know how to get it back..

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Little Thing Called Love

Related to my previous post, I'll tell you about my fave Thai movies, A Little Thing Called Love (I've stated this one in the last post)
It's a comedy-romantic movie.. I love it a lot simply just because it tells the story about first love.. something that everyone has ever had in life.. It brings back my memory to the high school time.. and I guess you might smile when finding some scenes that you've ever experienced before (yeah that's what happened to me)
And also there's one more thing: the main actor, Mario Maurer, is really cool!!!

Actually it's not a new movie, it has been released for about half year in Indonesia, and of course it's too late to post about it right now.. hmmm to be honest, I've planned to write about it several months ago, but I don't have much time during the school time till finally I forgot about it.. But after I watched it (for the third time) recently, I can't stand of write what I've been thinking just now..

It tells about how an ugly-face high school girl turns into a beautiful and popular one in the school to make the one she loves pay attention to her..

1st year - bug faced Nam is taking a peek at Shone

2nd year - Nam has change. She's playing as Snow White at the school drama

3rd year - beautiful Nam is leading the drum major
(she look most beautiful in this scene *I think*)

The sweetest part of this movie is the SCRAPBOOK.. yeahh the scrapbook Shone made for Nam.. I can't imagine how touching when Nam read every single page of the scrapbook (but there's no scene shows it)
It tells that actually Shone has paid attention to Nam from the beginning..
 such a wonderful scrapbook

Shone is taking a look at the scrapbook he made

  Shone secretly takes photos of Nam and everything she did

the sweetest scene - Shone is telling a story about squid
I love how the scene blends perfectly with the place

and the last, this movie also tells about FRIENDSHIP.. something that we can't set apart from HIGH SCHOOL..
Nam and her friends have such a lovely friendship.. They support Nam in everything she does.. (again reminds  me of high school memory)

the touching scene - they're quarreling and finally get back along each other after Nam sings "Day Month Year" (one of the theme song of the movie).. pretty nice :'(

A Little Thing Called LOVE

you will never get enough of it...

Thailand movies attack

As hollywood movie was withdrawn from Indonesia since 18 Feb '11 due to the taxation case, the Thailand movies start growing in Indonesia's theatre, especially Blitz.. To be honest, I really appreciate them in making such a good films, either the story and the stars are quite great.. They have a very strong plot inside each film they make, so it for sure really made us into it.. Even when they make a horror film or action film, they also emphasize a deep story inside..

I think they can cure (of course just temporarily) the losing of good quality movies.. but still there's nothing can replace the hollywood, it's still the best (uyeaaah but we can smiling widely now, the hollywood movies's problem in Indonesia has been solved, and they'll be coming back soon!!! I've been waiting for the new hollywood movies showing at XXI or Blitz..)

Yeah but since I think Thai movies is quite good, here I'd like to suggest you some of them.. some of the Thai films that I've seen:

A Little Thing Called Love

a very lovable movies, telling about how an ugly face girl had a crush on her first love and until then she changed into a most popular girl at school..
It's a romantic comedy.. I heart it so much.. simple story about first love but every people have ever experienced it.. This is the most recommended one!!

Suck Seed

the antics of three secondary school students formed a band to impress girls, but, despite their efforts, play poorly and regularly end up losers. Based in part on Chayanop's thesis project short film about a band of young members who perform badly but insist on trying, the film features themes of teenage dreams, friendship, romance, and their expression through music, and includes pieces of popular rock songs interspersed within the narrative as well as cameos by several well-known musicians. Quite amusing with the same genre as 'a little thing called love'

and now are you ready for the rest?!?! horror movies!!

Ladda Land

yeah.. I just watched this one.. really scary!!!
I really hate horrible and smashed-faced-ghost >.< and also the sound effect really startled me so bad
(but still I like to watch horror movies)
It tells about a family who just move into a new house where they gradually begin to encounter paranormal and horror events.. The father was the one who still hold on his thought not to move from the horror real estate till his daughter and son be the victim, and he felt guilty

Elephant White

I just watched this one too.. an action movie (with a little horror touched *still*) told about Curtie Church, an assassin Curtie Church hired by a businessman to kill six men.  Job done, the employer proposes another contract to Curtie to kill the lord of the traffickers that had addicted, prostituted and murdered his daughter. Curtie seeks out the Englishman Jimmy that is an arm dealer and he rents heavy weapons. Then Curtie provokes a war between gangs to eliminate the greatest number of white slave traders. Meanwhile, the young prostitute Mae meets Church and helps him to release other girls. When Mae vanishes, Curtie seeks her out and finds the truth about Mae (that's the unexpected ending, Mae is a ghost!! really distract the action plot actually)

That's what I like from thai movies, we often can't guess the real story till we see the ending.. nice!!

Haunted University

Four various ghost and horror tales that are happrning in the actors' respective universities and as university students they must use their own brains and courage to defeat the ghosts.. The four story was related with a 
girl who can see the ghosts and apparently she's talking with her friend (one of the ghost inside the story)

4bia and Phobia 2

I'm not really remember all their stories, but all I know is they consist of some horror stories (4bia consists of 4 while Phobia 2 consists of 5)..
They are horror comedy movies.. quite shocking and amusing one..
I can't tell you the stories as it has a lot of parts, just see it then if you feel anxious for it :p

Coming Soon

Once again, this movie really scared me a lot as the ghost had a horrible,gruesome,ugly,not to see (nothing else I can say) -- face >.<  and the worst thing was they show the ghost really often in zoom-in effect that make me can't forget it for a couple of days!!!  (and I just see her face *again* when I search for its movie poster.. damn!!!)

The movie told about Chain, a theater projectionist who decides to join Yod’s mission to illegally film a new release horror movie. While sitting in the theater with his DV-cam, he begins feeling that something is not quite right. When the movie is over, a sense of deja vu overtakes him. The events just depicted in the film are happening again, and this time it is no fantasy.


Tells the story of Pim who moved from Thailand to Korea to escape the guilt of being the surviving half of a conjoined twin. Flashbacks to Pim's childhood show how the bittersweet relationship with her sister, Ploy, and their commitment to stay together forever, transforms into a repressive bond that ultimately leads to a separation. After she returns to visit her dying mother, the spirit of her dead sister angrily thrusts herself into Pim's life.

One fact that's really surprising here is: the one who we think 'Pim' actually is 'Ploy', and vice versa..
Once again!!! Unexpected ending!!!

That's was some of to-be-watched Thai movies, I can't remember all I've seen but it's the most recommended
But, as most of them are horror movies so I don't know whether you'll watch all of them or not (I guess some of you are anti-horror-movies)

I myself actually a horror movies lover, but I also scared when watch them (even often close my eyes with hands or anything else when the ghost comes out, especially a horrible faced one).. but still I heart them to make me startled a lot!!!
and to be honest, I'm a little bit afraid when writing about these horror movies, that's why I'm looking for the-most-not-scary movie poster of them all (so that I won't see the ghosts' scary face frequently when checking this blog)

And as what I've said before, the Thai movies have a strong story.. We'll never know the ending, and often it's unexpected, and make us surprise then..
So, enjoy the Thai movies before the Hollywood come back and you'll miss the unexpected-ending & good looking stars of Thai movies.. trust me!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Owl City - Vanilla Twilight

The stars lean down to kiss you
And I lie awake I miss you
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere

Cause I’ll doze off safe and soundly
But I’ll miss your arms around me
I’ll send a postcard to you dear
Cause I wish you were here

I watch the night turn light blue,
But it’s not the same without you
Because it takes two to whisper quietly

The silence isn’t so bad
Till I look at my hands and feel sad
Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly

I’ll find repose in new ways
Though I haven’t slept in two days
Cause cold nostalgia chills me to the bone

But drenched in Vanilla twilight
I’ll sit on the front porch all night
Waist deep in thought because
when I think of you I don’t feel so alone
I don’t feel so alone, I don’t feel so alone

As many times as I blink
I’ll think of you… tonight
I’ll think of you tonight

When violet eyes get brighter
And heavy wings grow lighter
I’ll taste the sky and feel alive again

And I’ll forget the world that I knew
But I swear I won’t forget you
Oh if my voice could reach back through the past
I’d whisper in your ear
Oh darling I wish you were here