Friday, June 10, 2011

10-pink I love ♥ ♥ ♥

I do love PINK so much 
(also blue and orange either, but pink is the most I love)
as you can see how my blog looks

my pink addiction was suddenly increasing when I was still in high school
and it makes me always look everything in pink as beautiful, fabulous, and interesting
that's why since high school most of the stuff I have is PINK

sometimes it feels like I collect pink stuff, coz when you look into my bag it will consist of some pink stuff and you will never realize that actually not all the things inside it are pink but it looks like you just see the only color: PINK
humh yeah it's all mine.. and I do love it so much ♥♥
even sometimes some of my friends complained as it was irritating their eyes
(:p of course they said it in a kidding conv.)
that also happens to my room.. you can see there are so many pink stuff, but it's not really dominating my room coz I don't specially use pink furniture, and I never think of change it to the pink one (considering my age is not child or teen anymore) so I decide just to put some pink stuff I had inside it, and sometimes add pink (combine with red)-decoration-stuff to make my room looks like having a pink and feminine ambience

and now I'm gonna show you 10-pink I love most:

pink digital camera
 this is the most lovely pink stuff I've ever had (till now)..
I really love the color (it's soft baby pink ♥) and also the round edge shape making it looks so cute

 pink blackberry silicon
and this one an orange-skin-textured BB silicon.. I most often use it than the other silicon coz it's so comfy :)

  pink wallet
this one is my cute wallet.. it's so simple but looks nice.. when I saw it at the first time I think that's what I'm looking for, a soft pink wallet with a smooth leather skin

 pink handphone/camera case
this one is a handmade handphone case (but now I'm using it as my camera case)
I made it by myself.. yeah I really love to make many accessories and other female stuff of beads..
I started beads creation since I was in elementary school.. It's so exciting!!

  pink flatshoes
hmmm I never thought of buying a pink shoes before, but as usual, when I saw this pinky stuff I can't avoid to not buy this one.. luckily that's quite nice :)

pink umbrella
actually it's just an ordinary umbrella but it means a lot for me especially when i'm going to campus.. fyi: I go to campus on foot - coz it's really close to my boarding house (what we said 'kost' in bahasa), and the most annoying situation was a-sudden-rain..
we can't predict the weather, it's often sunny in the morning and suddenly change into rainy in the afternoon,and conversely.. So it's a must to bring this stuff everyday!!

pink bedcover set
nothing to say.. this is just one of my pink bedcover sets collection..

pink strawberry file folder
well then this one is my lovely file folder
I always bring it with me everywhere coz it contains everything I need, I wanna do, lecture material, and many things else
maybe my life is gonna be messed up without this file folder (just for several days actually)

pink cardigan
one of my pink outfit..
I choose this one as it's totally soft pink, while the other still mixed with some colors in it
looks nice, right?? (well I guess not all of you agree as you may not be a pink-addict :p)

last but not the least
well actually there're still some stuff I usually use so I can't choose which one as the 10th, then I decide to show them all

stationery and drawing tools case
as you know that I'm an architecture student so that I need a lot of stationery, drawing tools, and also maquette-ing tools that I need some cases to put and store that stuffs

yeah.. same as what I've said before that's what I need as an architecture student.. and it's my nature that I can't avoid of buying the pinks!!

  a-birthday-present candle
I get this one as my birthday present from my private student (well actually she's just like my friend).. thanks anyway :)

that's all !!!
I love them
I love pink
*sounds childish to like pink at my age but I don't care.. I'll like what I want to like :) 

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