Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Little Thing Called Love

Related to my previous post, I'll tell you about my fave Thai movies, A Little Thing Called Love (I've stated this one in the last post)
It's a comedy-romantic movie.. I love it a lot simply just because it tells the story about first love.. something that everyone has ever had in life.. It brings back my memory to the high school time.. and I guess you might smile when finding some scenes that you've ever experienced before (yeah that's what happened to me)
And also there's one more thing: the main actor, Mario Maurer, is really cool!!!

Actually it's not a new movie, it has been released for about half year in Indonesia, and of course it's too late to post about it right now.. hmmm to be honest, I've planned to write about it several months ago, but I don't have much time during the school time till finally I forgot about it.. But after I watched it (for the third time) recently, I can't stand of write what I've been thinking just now..

It tells about how an ugly-face high school girl turns into a beautiful and popular one in the school to make the one she loves pay attention to her..

1st year - bug faced Nam is taking a peek at Shone

2nd year - Nam has change. She's playing as Snow White at the school drama

3rd year - beautiful Nam is leading the drum major
(she look most beautiful in this scene *I think*)

The sweetest part of this movie is the SCRAPBOOK.. yeahh the scrapbook Shone made for Nam.. I can't imagine how touching when Nam read every single page of the scrapbook (but there's no scene shows it)
It tells that actually Shone has paid attention to Nam from the beginning..
 such a wonderful scrapbook

Shone is taking a look at the scrapbook he made

  Shone secretly takes photos of Nam and everything she did

the sweetest scene - Shone is telling a story about squid
I love how the scene blends perfectly with the place

and the last, this movie also tells about FRIENDSHIP.. something that we can't set apart from HIGH SCHOOL..
Nam and her friends have such a lovely friendship.. They support Nam in everything she does.. (again reminds  me of high school memory)

the touching scene - they're quarreling and finally get back along each other after Nam sings "Day Month Year" (one of the theme song of the movie).. pretty nice :'(

A Little Thing Called LOVE

you will never get enough of it...


  1. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! Mario Maurer is so hot! :)


  2. i like Nam :D,she is a good actress


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