Thursday, June 23, 2011

missing my school so bad

It's been 3 years since I graduated from high school, but I can't forget anything about it
It's the most beautiful memory so far
Sometimes I'm kinda missing it and feel like I wanna replay everything in my highschool time
Though I know it's not a pleasure to replay the (freaking crazy) tests *of  course*
but I think it's really better than the college assignments

As what we often hear, "high school is the most beautiful memory"
it's totally right!!
some of my friends and I used to think that maybe we don't have that kind of beautiful memory in our highschool
but when I've left it and gone through the next phase after it, I just realize that nothing is gonna be better than it...

School building and Mars SMAK 1

to be honest, I hate it when the school building was painted in blue-red-yellow-grey
it's better in its former condition, the broken white one

I'm fond of the mars
Since the first time I heard it, I think it's a spirited (with a bit army-feel I think) and prestigious song
believe it or not I still perfectly remember the song

 this is my beloved math teachers
I adore them so much.. They teach me well, the way they explain lessons is pretty good
and also, I love mathematics so much.. from elementary till highschool I love math!!
(actually there are many other teachers, but I'm not gonna move the whole yearbook in this post... I just put the math teachers simply just because I love math better than other subjects)




enjoy your highschool time no matter how hard it is
you're gonna be missing it once you graduate

university and working environment will never give you such a lovely friendship as highschool did
a lot of rivalries, conflicts, and goals for future

SMUKIE I will never forget you
you're my best school ever
you've taught me everything

*see how I look on those photos..
how can I have those haircut?!? how can I do those pose and expression?!?
totally absurd >.<

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