Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a simple day out

My family and I just had a family-day-out last Sunday.. This time we chose the Central Park Mall.. Although it's located near my house but we seldom go there and more often go to TA (whereas they're next to each other), or Puri Mall..

As we know that CP (Central Park) has a beautiful landscape design and also fabulous facade - a new trend of nowadays shooping centre in Jakarta, mall completed with landscape, so that people can enjoy both the inside and outside of the mall - so we take some photos there..

and here are some of them..

 my mom..
I don't know why, everytime I look at this photo I think she's really looks like a lecturer who're checking her students' assignments :p

one of our fav. menu: Baked Salmon Maki
well actually it's the one which I took the photo of, before the others were served and we just enjoy eating and didn't think of taking the photos at all :p

the first 7 photos above was taken at Sushi Tei - Central Park-


-the last 11 photos above was taken at Central Park's garden-

I give a little touch for this one
tried to make it look like a lomo-photos
what do you think???

As I went there, I just realized that some of the people who coming there were bringing their SLR camera.. WOWW... It means that CP is not only 'MALL' or an ordinary shopping centre but it's also a fabulous photographic object!!! nice!!

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