Monday, June 27, 2011

Swerving Path

I did a simple photoshot few months ago and I just feel like posting it right now..

Actually it’s not my style..
I’ve never used that skirt for a year (or more maybe) as I think it’s a little bit childish
Yet I feel like wearing it once I found it in my closet
and it turns out to be nice (even I still don’t have any intention to wear it somewhere)

“sometimes we need to try something out of our own way”

Have a nice day ♥

Firework - Katy Perry
this song keeps flying around and around in my head recently.. enjoy :)


  1. i love katy perry!

  2. thats so mice on you dear :)

  3. i love katy pery's songs! nice blog :)

  4. love the suspenders they're very cute


  5. cute skirt, u should wear it more often ;)

  6. @stephanie: thx.. yeah I love her songs too

    @michelle: yap I think so.. easy listening..

    @erica: ooo really.. thx..

    @pwincess bebe: thank you :) I'm gonna wear it more often as it looks quite nice :)


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