Saturday, June 11, 2011

UI's New Giant Library

do you know guys??my univ has just finished a new library project.. It's the centre library of UI.. I'm really sure all of you will find it it easily when you came to UI, as it has a different architecture style.. yap, when you start entering UI you will see many vernacular style buldings, but when you come into this library you will feel like suddenly you jump into a different world (sounds like a magic, right?? but you'll feel it by yourself if you come there!!)
this library has just opened at 13 May 2011, about a month ago.. and the most important think that you should know: THE LIBRARY IS VERY HUGE.. some people said that it's the biggest in Indonesia, in South-East Asia, and even in Asia *woww :o
amazing right?!?! I don't even believe that finally my univ has a wonderful facilities inside it, so that I feel that my tuition fee isn't in vain (but actually it's not really important.. we would be more happy if we got a cheaper tuition fee :p).. and one of my friend said "baru kali ini gw ngerasa gak rugi bayar uang kuliah mahal2 di UI" --> that's really TRUE!!

Luckily, my friend and I had an opportunity to visit this library before it opened..
yeah!! Go Architecture!! we're (maybe) the first who visit this huge library..

Actually our field trip to this library was supposed to observe about building structure, as our studio was studying about huge building.. that's why we got permission to come in

At first, I'm not really interesting about this field trip (coz I think it's just an ordinary university library) but when I came here, I just realized that it's quite great.. It uses a modern architecture style (as what I've said before, it's really different with other building at UI) so I feel like I was somewhere else outside UI
It's good, but actually there's one thing that should be thought about.. UI is well-known for its vernacular style buildings, so this library is for sure really distract the harmony of UI area..
If we see the whole UI, we'll find that the library looks like an alien between other buildings.. really different impression than when we see the library itself
Well, everyone has different opinion about it.. some said it's good, wonderful, great; but some other said it's really bad.. however it's all nothing.. the library has been built somehow..

when I come into it, there's something that interest me..

look at this wall!!
the word 'READ' was written on it in many languages

and also there's a small theatre in this library building.. WOW!!!! amazing!!!!
hmmm... we don't know what it's for, whether for education purpose or commercial one
even there's a rumor from my friend that they'll build a careffour :o (another WOWWW!!!) it sounds really over.. but I don't know if it's true or not.. just wait and see..

then, would you mind coming to my univ??? let's see the upcoming buildings for the next 5 years!!!


  1. ohh sure?? you should come to see it then..

  2. yeah I think so :D
    quite cool for a university-library

  3. I'm surprised knowing that UI has new library. I think it is just a concept which hasn't been realized. Good news! And good article too :) I hope I can visit that library.


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