Thursday, June 23, 2011

when writing doesn't meet reading

It's my bad that I love writing but damn I hate reading so much!!!
That's why my writing might look just so-so, not that philosophical or poetic or heavy-minded... yeah it's me.. I just wanna share what I'm thinking and finding..
But still I have to improve my writing skill, there are so many ways other than just reading, such as watching, listening, and writing..

I do more easily understand voice and graphic than words..
Even a psychological test I took some years ago stated that I'm an audiovisual.. yap, it does really match to what I've said, right?? It seems that I could be a 'voice+graphic to words' translator - it's not something to be proud of then.. I can understand something well from listening, watching, or looking at graphics; and then tranform it into hundreds or even thousands words..
But actually it should be in the opposite way, since I'm an architecture student.. I have to interpret my ideas in drawings.. yet I always think that there's so many thing missing when I'm drawing.. maybe it's because my drawing skill is not that good..
As what my lecturer said, we should understand the difference between: 'menggambar' dan 'menggambarkan' (in indonesian)
Till now I still haven't got what did she mean.. but I guess: 'menggambar': to draw something,  and 'menggambarkan': to explain with drawings that show the information 

hufh.. It's me.. I'm just an ordinary person.. I'm not perfect but I always try to learn everything to get more more and more.. whether it's about writing, drawing, reading, or anything else..

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