Monday, July 18, 2011

the Golden 50!

Wondering about my post title?? humm I'm not turning 50 (of course!!) and no relative or someone I know is turning 50 today.. actually it's my 50th post.. hahaha.. *not a special thing to be celebrated or proud actually* yeah I may call this as the 'Golden Post'.. (but to be honest there's no special news for this so-called-golden-post :p)

Today is the first day my sister (and many other students) come back to school.. uyeahh poor her!! I started my holiday first but she's starting her schoolday first.. you know today is also her first day in the natural science class.. still remember the day when I was in the same position.. nothing different except the new classroom, new classmates, new books, new bag (and other school stuffs), new teacher *ok almost all the things different actually* but what I'm really delighted for is knowing that I don't need to learn those freaking geography, sociology, economics (damn it's what I've dreamt since elementary).. and for the history, don't worry I still love you baby *shocking fact?!?!*
yet, unfortunately... because of curriculum matter, I have to learn geography instead of history at the XI grade, and (happily) conversely at the XII grade
and one more!! you know it's a pleasing thing to know that I just need to bring almost all the same books everyday.. so I don't need to set them every night (as what an elementary students did).. and again!! luckily I've my own (just like) locker under my desk, so yeahh of course most of my schoolmates and I left our books there.. so what I have to bring everyday???
1. pencil case and stationery (it's a must!!!)
2. file binder (also a must!!!)
3. some books that I need for the next day's tests or assgmnts
4. (depend on the schedule) sports uniform / lab uniform / tie / hat / art class stuff
5. school jacket (it's so cold in the class and we aren't permitted to bring other jacket except it)
that's all!! can you imagine how light my bag is??? hahaha...

let's compare with an architecture student like me now:
1. laptop (most of the presentation I do everyday is  digital)
2. A3 logbook (I draw/write/put some pics about my studio here)
3. file binder
4. pencil case
5.  stationery
6. some drawing tools
7. some books *sometimes*
8. umbrella (really important for me to come back savely)
fiuh.. you know they really cause a fuse to me!!

and now hmmm yeah let say I almost forget that I'm a college student right now.. you know why?? I have a very very very veryyyyy long holiday.. for this period for example, I have started my holiday since the end of May and it'll end at 12 Sep *just count by yourself how long it is!!!* and it causes my next semester period will be 12 Sep till 13 Jan (woww!!! OMG!!) I'm gonna have (again!!) a bloody christmas and new year eve *sigh T.T
well I don't think I'm gonna replay my last (bloody sad) christmas and new year celebration actually.. you know I stayed for almost 24 hours everyday, even in christmas night and new year eve -when everybody celebrate it cheerfully- and also I went to church with a panda-eyed-zombie face *nevermind*.. but logically my next semester is gonna be worse (I mean the holiday period) as I'll have my LAST studio!! just like final project maybe.. so it will be longer and more complicated than ever, and I might have much more time than 13 Jan to finish next semester (OH NO!!! I don't expect it actually).. I would rather choose to start the lectures earlier and cut this summer holiday shorter..

however what else can I do?!?! just forget those upcoming nightmare and continue my still-long-holiday uyeaaahh :D I still have about almost 2 months holiday!!! envy me??? If so, just come into my univ.. you'll have 3 months summer holiday and 4 months lecture period after that *wth they're almost the same


*out of context* looking at this pict make me remember what my sister said: "why do you always eat neatly?? you just eat it after that"
yeah I don't know why I always make the food set neatly before eat and keep it orderly while eating so that I can eat well *unimportant, right?? teehee*

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  1. hi nice blog you have here :) don't worry about your project, you'll do great :) btw, i leave you an award, do check it out here :)


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