Friday, July 22, 2011

lots of LUCK :)

you know what?? maybe I can say "this is my full-of-luck week!!!" :D
okay I'm gonna tell you what I mean.. I just get 2 surprise from my blog fellas this week..
and here it is:

1.  I win a blog giveaway from Sonia Eryka (Diary of: THE RIOTOUS BELLE)
it's £30 Daniel Footwear shopping voucher

uyeahhh I'm so surprised when receive an email from Sonia!!! you should know that it was my very first time joining a giveaway and surprisingly turns out to be good.. bunch of thanks to you dear :*
can't wait to shop it soon.. I've checked Daniel Footwear website before, lots of gorgeous shoes there.. you can drop by there and find yours (and you know some of them are on sale!!)

2.  I receive a blog award from Stephanie Gracia (banana and apple juice)

thx a lot Stephanie.. 
another lovely surprise..

yeah that's all I wanna share to you!!
and I'd like to share my luck and love to you fellas..
have a nice day 

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  1. congratulations! you deserve that :)


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