Sunday, July 31, 2011


will everyone experience that 'great change' in life?
how do we know that we've been in the right way?
if we haven't gone through the 'great change' yet, does it mean that we haven't 'walk' in the right way?

how if our life's just so-so, not really in the bad way and not really in the good way?
what makes us can have that 'great change'?
why the bad people seem to experience it easier? or it's just how we want to make a change in our life?
those questions suddenly comes up on my mind this evening
questions that actually often annoyed me
I don't know to whom I should ask about these
actually I have a bestfriend that will enlighten my mind 'bout it, but unfortunately she's currently living in aussie, since starting the univ till now
I think it's not quite comfortable to talk about this thru bbm or msn, it'll be good if I can have eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart with her
but as how old friends meet, we'll share about how our life goes on so far and tell everything fun and exciting

wondering when those questions will solve..
hope I'm gonna find it somehow, someday, somewhere

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