Monday, September 12, 2011



yeah today is my very first day coming back to univ after a very very very long holiday (yet I haven't got enough of it).. and fyi I just came back from my last holiday trip from Green Canyon, Pangandaran.. I'll post it later (hopefully I could spare a little time while college life starts)..
and you can see my schedule above.. no big difference actually.. just like the 6 semesters before: arch studio everyday-all day long (except thursday) and the other 2 electives for this semester.. but the only difference is THERE'S NO CLASS AT ALL ON MONDAY MORNING!!! uyeeee super happy finally I can choose what elective I want without having one on every lazy-monday-morning..

wish me luck for this last-two semester before I get my bachelor degree..yeah one more year for the sleepless nights.. but to be honest I feel quite sad for the fact that I'll end my univ study soon, am I that old?? >.<   wish I were 4-5 years younger than now..time goes by so fast..

and this is my first-college-day outfit ;)

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