Monday, October 17, 2011

do nothing but perfect

I do love carrying out everything perfectly. Yes, you may call I'm freak, geek, or anything else.. but I do feel so great when finishing something flawlessly. People may think it's hard and they stop but yeah I'll try my best till the end. I'm a type of a person who think like a soldier "never give up till die"

I don't feel being suppressed as long as I'm doing my passion. Not just to get money, grade, or appreciation - but it's just for pleasure and satisfaction. I've found the reason why some people never do great.. that's because they easily give up and stop when facing trouble. How do you know what it would turn out to be if you never finished it??

"Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out"
- John Wooden-

anyway I'd like to share some picts that were taken last Friday (*suddenly remember Katy Perry's 'Last Friday Night' when writing those last two words* well just forget it :p) while my friends and I went to PI, GI, and around for college assignment (yes, I'm not lying!!! that totally true..) I guess you'll definitely ask "how, what, why, etc"

Well, I'm doing my (something like) final project for my Architecture major, and the project is related to superblock (just googling for the meaning.. I'm too lazy to explain it here -.- *sorry*). Then my almighty just-like-a-tourism lecturer made the field trip to Singapore (as what I've done with him for the other subject before, you can see my post about it here), and the rest may go to some superblock in Jakarta, the choices are PI, GI, PS - Sency, Lippo Karawaci, Oakwood Mega Kuningan, SCBD, Central Park, Kelapa Gading (yes, they are all MALLS -.-)

Is there any other way that going to mall will be a college assignments?? You're supposed to go into Architecture to make it real.. The main purpose why they told us to do it is to make us familiar with kind of superblocks and buildings inside and around it, and also analyze how's the relationship between the buildings and human life there.

To be honest I'm too lazy to make the report about it, it's not that fun than the survey itself.. and yes I do go there just to hang out with friends and have fun.. I think I'll get more knowledge from books and lecture, but yeah I agree that we need to see the real buildings and environment to create a great project, but I'll do it later when I've arranged my idea

and here our mall-survey goes
(more like a culinary survey actually)

Food Louver - Grand Indonesia

in front of Plaza Indonesia's lobby
both of us look like a dwarf here because of Nico's fish eye lens :(
but somehow I love these picts

 Playground - Plaza Indonesia


 Abstract Pizza Carbonara (Playground - PI)

 Opakchos (Playground - PI)

Urban Kitchen - Plaza Indonesia

well finally, this is what we got for the assignment
(don't hope for more architecture thingy, we're not that freak for really doing the
way from GI to PI
(pedestrian, car way, lobby)

*credit goes to Nico who took most of the photo above and also they're taken from his camera*


  1. wahhh seru ya, makannannya baru liat tuh g, ver

  2. iyaa lucuuu ya makanannya.. ayo kesana ntar

  3. awww love your dress :) your post look so fun !! oya i have an award for you. cek my blog if you have any time :) . and do you live in jakarta too?

  4. thanks a lot for the award dear..
    yap I'm in jakarta too.. we can arrange to meet up sometimes :)


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