Friday, November 11, 2011


Lucky number?? Lucky day?? or what else??
today is 11.11.11
what a great combination..
and so it’s been the hottest topic today!

in this very awesome date, I’d like to tell you that I’ve just won a giveaway by Wynne Prasetyo from Fashion Geek’s Closet
*sorry for the bad photo quality.. I use my phone camera as I forgot to bring the cam from my rented room :(

can you guess what’s inside it??
a beautiful set of H&M rings!!

and see how it’s combined
lovely, right??
that’s an awesome gift!! thanks a lot Wynne *hugandkiss*
always love to see your post, and now I get a gift from you :*

and next I’d like to share a really nice song
it’s my highschool retreat song that’s created by my friend
(special credit for them who has created it, lemme share it here)
It’s been about 5 years ago, but still I love this song..

Miracle of God

When all your hopes are gone
and you can’t do anything
When the strenght of your heart
has left you know
and you think you cannot go on

Just remember one thing above His love
He knows everything you have been through
He will be there for you
Forever more....

(*) Reff:
And the miracle will come
And new mercies of grace
To carry and heal the broken heart
And set the captive free
May your spirit fill my cup
To shining all my way
Forever more
It is miracle of God..

Our Father God in heaven
Your mercies is all I need
Touch me and bless me Jesus Lord
With Your mighty power
Forever more....
back to (*)

how nice.. 
hope I could let you listen how the song is, but unfortunately I don’t have any copy of the recording
the meaning inside is really deep, and you should know how it feels when we sing that song in the retreat ambience :’(

may this song brings bless for you in this 11.11.11 ♥

and do you know today is the first day of SEA GAMES which is held in Indonesia this year
the opening ceremony in Palembang is quite awesome *although the rain and some human errors spoilt it* have you watched it guys??

*anyway Christmas is near fellas*
can’t wait for it!!