Saturday, December 10, 2011

sweet but sure

just went to ninety-nine last wednesday
I planned to do a lighting survey about some kinds of restaurants for lighting subject assignments (so again you must be envy me to know that my lecturer herself who told us to do this!!)
we have to survey at least 4 restaurants per group, and actually my friends have done the first part with 3 restaurants and I can't go with them since I was in surabaya at that time (as what I've told you before in my previous post)
so this time we are looking for a fine dining restaurant, and my friend Nico (the 'master guide' for mall and travelling) suggest us to go to GI.. He offers some choice *just like a GI's sales promotion boy* of fine dining.. at first we take a look at Paulaner Bräuhaus but then we compare it with the one located one lower level, Ninety-Nine..
we are straightly attracted by the lighting effect at the corner seat which is directly seen from outside, so we  choose this place.. and as usual, our main purpose is actually eating and having fun here instead of doing a survey :p
this is it!! the impressive eye-catching lighting

wine warehouse

the bar with warm candles lighting

they provides dark, cozy, and warm ambience with lots of choices of Western dishes, also some Asian and Indonesian food as additional alternative.. the concept itself I think it's a bar restaurant, like Loewy (Oakwood), Social House (Grand Indonesia), Potato Head (Pacific Place), and Union (Plaza Senayan) did.. fyi Ninety-Nine actually has an outside dining area also, but we prefer this area as the outside one is more covered with daylighting and of course the inside one has a more dramatic ambience.

here what we order
from upper left:  something like ice eclairs (*forgot what its name*) - Japanese Pudding - something like fruits crepes (*again forgot what its name*) - Brownie Layer Cake - Raspberry Red Velvet Cake

Since we're attracted by some desserts displayed in the front etalase before entering inside, so we order these sweet desserts.. my most fav goes to the eclairs and red velvet, but unfortunately I ordered the brownie layer cake.. yes, must-buy desserts always goes to the choco one. It tastes good at first, till about 3/4 I started to feel enough of it. don't know why, whether it's too much or the choco is too deep or was I just too full at that time. but overall it's quite nice.
about the eclairs, it tastes light sweet with a choco sauce.. and the red velvet, although it's not as great as what Union has but it's quite nice..

 Nico with his Japanese Pudding
look they put the christmas tree already there!!!

 Kania and her Raspberry Red Velvet Cake

 Gita.. can you tell me what the dish's name?? I totally forget..

Karin who can't wait more for us taking some picts and impatiently takes her dish first

and me with the just-nice-at-first Brownie Layer Cake

 I love how they served it nicely
Ninety-Nine, Grand Indonesia East Mall Lower Ground
*credit goes to kania..most photos at ninety-nine taken from her camera*

and the next, since it's December already you guys must have felt the warmth of christmas atmosphere everywhere.. lots of malls put the christmas decoration already, and so does here
it's been 15 more days to Christmas!! can't wait for it ♥♥
do you guys have some plans for this upcoming christmas??
*not-to-mention my final period will be around the christmas and new year eve*

and for welcoming the Christmas, I just get my nails new color with Gold and Red theme *angelface*
always love how red looks gorgeous

and the last, I'm currently addicted to Adele's Someone Like You..

what a nice sad song


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