Sunday, December 18, 2011

this is our christmas!!!

it's been a week to Christmas *yay*
and again there's a different mood in our UI's architecture major
while others are cheering up of their end of finals, but here we're crying in our heart wishing a faster and longer holiday as we'll start the finals at the beginning of next January
but that doesn't mean we could have the holiday happily first (well that's depend on us actually), you know that our finals always in the form of assignments, so can you imagine that you'll be worrying it all the time before it finished

yet still among those sucks condition we have our own way on bringing the Christmas atmosphere here
exactly the same as what I've ever posted last year (click here to see it), we did a christmas photoshot on our lovely studio (and I suddenly remember that we're gonna left this kind of studio's life in less than 1 month *sigh*)
we made nico as Santa..what do you think??
he may need that Santa's bloated belly..

karin, what're you looking at??
 did you recognize this pose?? LOL

and here are some more picts in my room *pardon me for taking shitlots of photos I just feel like dressing with this christmas outfit

brown yellow plaid skirt - waist detail
CED red top - front detail

do you guys realize that my recent post always mention something about Christmas??
yeah I can't wait to feel those warm Christmas already, there always be a bountiful spirit inside.. as what the Christmas itself refer to, God's Child comes to this world as a grace for human

btw have you known something cute about Google today??
type "Let it Snow" and press enter.. see what it gives you??
and you can write or draw on it, here's mine *guess I'm not a good digital handwriter*

*Christmas count down*


  1. gorgeous outfit and photos!
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  2. So cute!!!! Funny photos <3 Do you want to follow each other? =)


  3. those pictures are so fun :) seems like you had a good time :)


  4. Nice shots! Looks like u had fun with ur friends! :)

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  5. it's interesting that you paired that top with the yellow skirt. you look great!

    re: your comment was incredibly nice, thanks!



  6. Fantastic! Great post and BRILLIANT blog! You are pretty fantastic!!! I really like your unique point of view. Quite refreshing. :-)

  7. the photos are awesome and sweet :)
    i like your outfits!

  8. nice blog ^^ loves it
    follow me and i follow you))

    xoxo Christy


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