Monday, January 23, 2012


how are you pals??
It's been a while since the last time I updated my blog.. Yup, it's 18 Dec 2011.. last year!!
So, I've missed new year without updating this blog, but still actually I do some blogwalking..
So this time I'd like to say: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 *I know it's totally late* and fortunately it's CNY so HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR for those who celebrate it :) gong xi gong xi!!
have you guys gone around to collect angpao??
too bad I can't do it this time, I'm in Singapore and being far apart from my family in Jakarta, they have their celebration with relatives that can be cancelled so yes I'm alone here w/out any family :(

Well, the main reason why I never updated my blog recently is my final project.. as I was in my 7th semester for the last 6 months, I was doing my final architecture studio project, and December to January was my most hectic time doing the finalizing of the project..

As it's my very very last project for studio assignment, I wanna make it as perfect as I can.. and somehow I was totally depressed by the curse of odd semester where my score used to decline..

fyi I feel like this is the most crazy semester during my college time.. I don't even live a normal life during those final period.. everyday I just think of how to finish it soon soon soon.. and sometimes I don't even think of having meal, bath, and sleep.. It seems that time passed by really fast that I can't finished my to-do-list even when I try to spend time without sleep.. Can you imagine doing such assignment like that??

And here I'd like to tell you 'bout this assignment..
started with redesigning a masterplan in a group from September 2011, then continued with the second project (this is the final project I stated before) which is done individual..
At the end of period, all of us should pass 3 stage (as what we usually done in previous studio):
Project Review by our lecturers.. the reviewers were switched among the groups in the class, so that we will got some new comment, advice, and suggestion other than what our own fasilitator said

Project Review by Professional Architect.. In this second review usually we got lots of comments that related to regulation.. They usually comment more about practical things, such as structure, utility, UDGL, whether the buildings we made will be beneficial or not..

3. FINAL REPORT - 17 JAN 2012
I think the title has describe what it is.. Yes it's the report where everything about our project will be explained.. and this time we make it with a thesis format, while we usually made it in a creative format with picts and graphic to explain everything.. It's such a difficult job for design students to write, isn't it??

 eksternal review - 10 Jan 2012 - 6th floor studio Gedung S Fakultas Teknik UI

and yes finally after less than 6 months of struggle with this subject,
finally I finish it
finally I finish all my architecture studio
finally I end it with a happy ending :)
uyeaaah.. this is what can be called 'FINALLY'
thx God for your awesome blessing..
finally I can finish it without any disappointment..

and of course thankyou to:
my fasilitator, Pak Kemas
1st project fasilitator, Pak Emir
internal reviewer, Pak Tiu

my mom,dad, and sis ♥

my lovely group 9: Fitri, Ira, Yuni, Lia, Tephot, Rizky, Arlex, Giga, Belly

my girls, Jessica Lie and Jessica Seriani..

my best friends..

my BB gank..
Stella Nindya and Nicholas Hakim

and of course ars 08..finally we made it guys!!

and bunch of thanks for all people who have helped and supported me during this final project period :)


  1. pretty dress (:

  2. Such a great post dear :) Love it! ^^

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  3. You're architect? Or planner? I love your dress :) Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog ^^

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  4. @lepinkbow: thank you :)
    @karina: still an architect student actually :)
    thx for your lovely comment also

  5. nice photos! :)
    mind to visit and follow each other? thanks :)


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