Saturday, March 24, 2012

hello again Singapore - Botanic Garden, China Town, Vivo City

*taraaaa* this is my fourth post about my 6 weeks trip to Singapore.. hope you haven't got enough of it yet :p
and since it's a quite long period of holiday trip so I think it's not my fault that I took loads of picts, right?
So this time I'm gonna tell you 'bout other 3 recommended places in Singapore

Singapore Botanical Garden
It becomes one of my destination for last trip since my friends said it's a nice place.. and also I saw some picts that people took there are lovely.. And yes it's really a good place to spend time relaxing there on weekend.. When I went there I saw some people are having time with their family, some are enjoying the scenery, jogging, or reading, and also some students are taking some picts of plants there for their school assignments..
Actually it's just like a forest, you can find many kinds of plants there but it's more organized with some signposts.. It's quite nice inside but after walking around for about 1 hour I started getting bored *yes I'm not a nature-lover indeed* but believe me you won't be regret on visiting there, especially if you wanna take nice picts
see!! even the crossing bridge is well-designed..

China Town
China Town is not the only area which is occupied by particular race, we can also find Little India, Arab Street, etc in Singapore.. You'll definitely find a different atmosphere once you arrive here, since almost all the building there is in Chinese style, and of course the Chinese people are dominated this area, some of them can only speak Chinese.. There are lots of shophouses here which sell many kinds of things related to Chinese culture.. From food, traditional medicine, clothes, till gift.. and what's pleasing is they are very cheap!!!

Chinese style shophouses
the street markets

Sri Mariamman Temple
I'm always enchanted by the carving on the top of the temples

Vivo City
located near Harbourfront, Vivo City becomes the anchor where people who come to Singapore by ferry transit.. That's why it's always crowded here almost everyday.. Besides, we can also go to Sentosa Island through Vivo City (suddenly remember I haven't taken a visit to USS due to the lack of time *too bad*)
what's interesting here is we can find nice roof garden.. I love it as it looks fun and cheerful in the morning, yet glistening at night


  1. aww how lucky you can go there :D i really want but i cant :( thanks for sharing dear ♥

  2. great photos, now I will dream about journey to Singapore

  3. Seems fun there! Wish I can go there :)

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  4. You look adorable! Cute pictures!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  5. I wanna go to the botanical garden! :)

  6. all your looks are lovely, and i really enjoyed the photos!

    re: yes I'm happy with my haircut too! :D


  7. lovely post dear!!
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  8. i was also just come back from Singapore <33

    Love your blog <33

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  10. Aaaa, I really want to go there!:D
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