Friday, March 2, 2012

hello again Singapore - internship!!

it's March already.. goodbye February, thanks for being an awesome month this year..
I always love February as it has lots of lovely dates inside.. valentine day, chinese new year (for these recent years), and of course my birthday!

and you know why I said this February is awesome?? I just had my first internship abroad.. It's totally different from my previous internships before.. and what makes me excited is the fact that I can do my internship and have holiday at the same time!!!! uyeaaah..

as I promised on my previous post that I'm gonna write about another exciting moment of my life in these recent months, so here it goes, my Singapore's internship

I've got the news that I was accepted to have internship in Singapore since months ago *I forget what's the exact month* but I have to go through the Training Employment Pass application process.. After doing very long conversation via email with Josie (the one who responsible for all administration things in this company) finally I decided to do the pass application process, and after waiting for several weeks *while I thought it's too long that maybe it's rejected so I didn't get any news about it anymore* suddenly got a good news exactly on my final presentation day!!!
You know what, I don't even have time to check my email at that time, and I was really surprised when I opened my email after the presentation things done, Josie said that my pass is approved!!! but what makes me panic, Josie has emailed me for several times but I haven't replied even once, and she said will cancel it soon if I haven't replied that day.. It's 6pm already (7pm at Singapore) so I guess the office is closed already and I felt so disappointed that time..
But thanks God, Josie is very kind, I still be able to process it on the next day and yes, long story short, everything goes so fast and I decided to depart on 22 Jan, 4 days before the internship started.. wondering why I choose to depart very early?? the main reason is because my dad said that there will be CNY celebration on the next days, so he said that I better go soon that I won't bother my family's celebration *well thanks dad, you seem like wanna chase me away from home soon* anyway it gets me more time to find a way to office before starting work, though I have to experience my very first CNY w/out family and angpao :(

I worked in East 9 Architects & Planners PTE LTD from 26 Jan '12 to 29 Feb '12
I learn lots of new things here.. I helped to draw some drawings for a residence project, most of them are detail drawings which I usually hate the most when doing my projects.. But what I found here is really different, I learn many detail drawings that I've never known before *well I'm not saying that suddenly I love detail drawings, still it drives me into fluster and boredom*
Everyone here *except me* works in more than 1 project so that they must have an ability to split up their mind into some projects at the same time and also draw fast!!! I wonder how you guys can cope with lots of projects like that..
And of course because I was there to help them (especially Jeff) I've to learn to draw fast too, especially when the deadline comes.. I never imagine that I can do lots of drawings like that in a day, though still I'm not as fast as them..
The second project where I was asked to help is in China. I need to complete an existing plan drawings which got messy because the different version of program. Well, the most challenging and confusing part that I did is the basement! lots of rooms and core, and almost all of the walls are missing.. Fortunately I just did this project for about 3 days, and sorry to Heidi or whoever finish that plan, I have to leave it to you guys.. I know it's not that hard for you to do it :p

So here we are..
lemme tell you some people whom (almost everyday) I usually had lunch together with
(top: from left to right)
Ken: the one who often brings some foods and share it to us. He got a freezing place also in office and it's even worse than mine (Heidi said) that makes him often sneezes while sitting there.. hope you don't get another freezing place in the new office Ken!
Chen Hong: the one who always orders our dinner when we stay late.. I was very excited when he started to ask whether everybody wants to order since I've been hungry almost all the time..
and also he's the one who planned this dinner for my last day..
Heidi: my guardian angel!!! I can ask her everything and she always tell me what I don't know about this office and Singapore.. also she's the one who helped me the most with printing stuff (you know what, I always got into trouble everytime I print smthing, and as Heidi sat exactly beside the printing machine so I always bother her, though sometimes I also bother other people with my printing job :p) and of course she's just like my best friend as we come from the same country
Jeff: he is the one who told me to do this and that and lots of things..haha.. but besides, I learn a lot from him, I always asked lots of things and I guess he's fed up with all my questions however he always answer all my questions.. And Jeff I still remember you let me stay till 2am on my birthday, you owe me hundreds happy birthday!! LOL :p

(bottom: from left to right)
Soc: the one who's always getting hungry earlier, that's why he's just like my eating companion.. from now on you don't have any eating companion anymore Soc, I guess all people there are never hungry, they eat their work.. He often gets 'pins and needles' or maybe cramp on his legs *don't know why* and also he's always sleepy, it affects me a lot as he sat beside me!
Helmi: he often looks so stress.. but smtimes looks so cheerful.. He often ordered dinner from the cafe besides (different with what we ordered), and smtimes he doesn't eat *too much stress maybe..LOL* he sometimes speaks to me in bahasa, but I still answer in english since I always confuse whether you'll know or not if I answer in bahasa (as I've told it to you before)

There are also many other people in this office who are not in this pict actually.. Betsy, our boss, a very smart woman, but I seldom have a talk with her as she must be very busy, but she often greets me when we meet.. Josie, as what i've mentioned before, Josie is the one who responsible for all administration things, she helped me a lot with the pass application, I feel guilty of making lots of trouble for her, feel like my pass just finished and then she has to terminate it on the next 2 weeks, thank you so much for everything Josie.. Nadia, the one who checks our drawings, and I was shocked when the first time I saw her checking my drawings, she draws everything precisely, and when she wants to explain something she directly draws the details without even thinking.. Ramon, he often comes early in the morning, I seldom talk with him though he just sat 2 desk after me, and you know why he doesn't join the dinner on my last day?? he takes a mandarin class twice a week *great!! a Spanish learns Chinese*..
And for some other people I don't have any idea how to describe as I really never talk with them..

I love everything here.. the people, the place, the food, and everything
(but except the staying-late and 1pm-lunch-time.. I do love sleep and eat a lot, and I think the lunch time is to late for me since I usually eat once I wake up and keep eating all the time.. for staying late, though I've lost  my sleeping time a lot but I enjoy it, don't know why, maybe because I feel comfort with the people and all the things there)
I wished I could stay longer there, I never realize that 5 weeks passed by so fast
feel like I just met you yesterday and almost everyday, and now can't believe that I'm apart from you guys
 GOOD LUCK guys for all the projects!!! and CONGRATS for your new office!!
wished I could help many more projects and also moving things these 2 days *but too bad I have to go back soon* wished I could see the new office and had my place there even just for a day! hopefully I can visit there next time if I go to sg guys.. what a great time to be here for the last 5 weeks!! see ya next time :)

 dinner for my last day
Hanis Cafe & Bakery - Wilkie Edge

my freezing place!!! just realize it looks so messy


  1. it seems that you had a great time :D
    i'm following you
    mind to follow back :)

  2. aw, you look having a good time there.. :)
    I'm following you <3


  3. It's seems that u're having a good time during the internship ver.. I'm so happy to know that..(and also jealousss!! :p)
    i wish i could be as lucky as u..
    Btw, when will u come to UI again? I miss u, girl :)

  4. It's seems that u're having a good time during the internship ver.. I'm so happy to know that..(and also jealousss!! :p)
    i wish i could be as lucky as u..
    Btw, when will u come to UI again? I miss u, girl :)

  5. @felicia: thanks fel..
    @disturbed style (pam): thanks :)
    @cindy: yep.. you're right.. thanks cin :)
    @jessica&jessica: besides your same name, you both put the same comment on this post also.. thanks my girls, can't wait to see you soon :*

  6. wow it's totally cool to have internship abroad :) congrats!
    it's my first time reading your blog.
    want to fol each other?

    xoxo ♥♥

    grace |
    my blog "Storybook"

  7. lol.. my desk is also always messy.. messier than yours actually



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