Saturday, March 10, 2012

hello again Singapore - MBS, Merlion Park, Esplanade

this is another post of my holiday story in Singapore
as what I said on my last post, I went to Singapore for more than 5 weeks to do an internship as well as holiday
and since I took shitloads of picts so I decide to separate them into some post.. the first post is about my internship story, and the next posts will tell you about my trip around SG

So, now it's time for Marina Bay Sands (MBS), Merlion Park, and Esplanade
MBS is one of my must-visit places.. I'm curious of how it looks as when I went there last time (you can see my previous trip to SG here) it hasn't finished to be built. I have seen the structure of those 3 towers yet I don't know what it will be..
But unexpectedly, from being curious at the first visit I turn to get enough of going there.. I don't know why when I ask my friend to take me somewhere around SG it happened to be MBS as one of the destination, so from 5 weeks there with weekend-only-free-day I went to MBS for 3 times!!!!
But somehow I'm not disappointed of those 3 visits, since MBS and all the surrounding has a magnificent view that makes you will never be bored to take picts there *or is it just me??*
For foreign tourist I guess this is a right place to spend your holiday time.. Besides you can also walk to Merlion Park and Esplanade which isn't less interesting than MBS

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
you know what?? this shopping mall is soooooo long that you might feel bored after walking over it, yet the interior design is quite interesting inside that you may not realize you have enjoyed that long walk
Paulen, my ex-private-student, but she just like my friend :)
Canal At The Shoppes - Marina Bay Sands

Garden Walk - Marina Bay Sands
 look at the flowing-water-like facade!!

Double Helix Bridge - Marina Bay Sands

Merlion Park
finally met Paurine, my partner in crime during highschool
MBS hotel tower view from Merlion Park

with Kak Dewi, my temporary roommate during staying in Singapore
Max Brenner - Esplanade Mall

Bayfront MRT Station


  1. great photos, now I see that you had amazing holidays:)

  2. looks like so much fun! i love your dotted skirt!
    thanks for the wish!


  3. aww longtime not visite here. how are you? love your top ,hihi you miss me sing . :p


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