Saturday, March 31, 2012

hello again Singapore - Thousand Miles..

More than thousand miles I walk around Singapore..
I really enjoy time staying there, hope someday can living there more longer
I know I've posted a lot 'bout this, promise this will be my last post about this Singapore holiday :p
here are some nice picts and exciting moments during the trip!! enjoy..

Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (SHIA)

Ramenplay - 313 Somerset

Coldstone - Orchard Central (besides 313 Somerset)

the famous shopping malls area in SG
the oldest shopping mall here

it's always crowded there, especially on weekend.. feel like every people from the world gather here

catchy glowing shop :)

the famous uncle's ice

fish 'n chips
Botak Jones - Orchard Road
they serve european dish with a reasonable price and quite good taste.. and I think it's too much  *or maybe it's just me*, I suggest you share 1 dish for 2 people
what makes them unique is the different concept of a european cafe/restaurant, outdoor ambience that allows us to enjoy Orchard Road while eating the dishes

Around Prinsep Street
this is my everyday life during the weekdays
yes, my office is located here
crossing bridge where I usually pass through in the morning from the bus stop to office
I just know that the entrance of the bridge is inside the mall *like what most linked bridge in SG do*

the cafe and bars are up at night

POMO and Parklane
place where we can find food for lunch.. I usually have lunch in a foodcourt at Parklane with some colleagues.. But when we have more time, we go further like to Kopitiam (Bras Basah), Shim Lim, or Bugis for lunch

SOTA building
do you feel smthing weird in the photo above?? don't why I feel the building is just like a maquette when I saw this pict..

SOTA students' artworks

Thaipusam Parade
lots of Indian are out and do a costumes parade for 2 days.. I can't believe I was in Singapore when I saw everywhere is full of Indian..

Changi Airport
like what I've ever said: "there is always ending for every beginning"

see ya Singapore :)
thanks for being a nice place to stay
and thanks for all the nice people who have filled up my day by day there, helping me to get through my ignorance 'bout SG


  1. I love these pics, it seem you had a wonderful time in Singapore! Unfortunately I've never been there, I hope I will have the chance!

    Love your blog, follow each other's with GFC, facebook and bloglovin? It would be great!

    Tati ♥ pearls
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  2. such a wonderful trip you had in sing. I want to go there too. >,<

    You have a lovely blog, do you mind to follow each other? I'm having my "Blog Photo Book" giveaway on my blog now. Hope you can drop by and join.. :)


  3. ohh so nice photos dear!!love it!!


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