Wednesday, April 4, 2012

what girls do on hang out??

wondering what girls do when hanging out??
yes, right! chitchat, tell random life & love story, shopping, eat..
that's all typical things we do when going out with girlfriends..
lots of fun, no shyness, no awkwardness
that's why I love those times I spend with my girlfriends

 recently I did some girls days out and accidentally it's all in CP *don't know why I went to CP very often lately -____-
1st & 3rd pict with Arga, my senior on college.. just like our friend
2nd pict with Jessica, my bestie

and this is another part of girls day out with my other girlfriends
 the kid in the middle is Rico.. he was accidentally sitting behind us and keep looking and say random things to us (just like a kid missing his
from top: Steffi, Nia, Mira
my ex-housemates (in Indonesian: teman kost) when we're still in freshmen year :)
damn I miss them a lot, I promise to come on their graduation but too bad suddenly I must go to SG.. and yes, finally I can meet them all :) though we've been separated for more than 3 years, but we still keep contact each other.. big thanks to technology such as facebook, twitter, etc which allow people to get in touch even we're not meeting regularly (even almost never meet)

for me going out with girl besties (only) is still the most quality time than other.. agree??


  1. I agree with you. I wish in the future I'll keep contact with my friends like you do ;)

  2. keeping in touch with friends are important :) and you look like you had a great time! :)

  3. you sure had a great time with your friends! happy easter! :)

  4. Hangin'out with the girls is so fun :)

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    1. Ups sorry, I just noticed your name is Vera. :)
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  6. so prettys dear!!lovey photos!

  7. aw I love how little kids randomly talk to us. Looks like you girls had a fab time! x misstea & co.

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  9. Seems fun there! I love when spend time with my girls :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  10. look more like a princess down the staircase on the first photo. Lovely blog :) I would love to see much of your post! I hope we could follow each other.

    Let me know once you followed me in google friend connect and I will follow right back.



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