Monday, July 23, 2012

just a matter of distance

when you're really attached to someone, whether (s)he's your bf/gf, friend, or family, distance can't do set apart you from them
it's just a matter of distance that separate you from facing each other in real world, but your heart will remain the same
even if the distance has separated you for days, months, or even years, noone could make you forget those people if you don't want to

couple weeks ago, I just met with some of my friends that have been living in other countries.. they came back to jakarta for a short period of holiday.. that's what makes me think that distance is just a matter of X, Y, Z dimension, it won't make you forget your friend till you yourself want it

and here's some captures during those short fun moments..

the first one is my (*emm what should I called) ex-private-student and friend at the same time, Paulen..

we went to Central Park, and had lunch at Kitchenette.. that's a quite nice place, and I feel like the interior design takes after those in the Union Cafe. But this one isn't that crowded as Union
I order Spaghetti Aglio Olio and it's taste quite good, but too bad almost all the cakes haven't been available yet and you have too wait till late afternoon for it

and the next, I met my best friend during highschool, Paurine (*wondering why both of the names I mentioned here is almost similar?? me too always wonder it)
 she's helding her 22nd birthday dinner at Table 8, Hotel Mulia
and pardon me for showing my picts only, guess I need to ask for some picts from her first..

the last, guess what?!? *it's not related to my post actually* I found this really-me quote from the menu books of Takarajima Sushi Resto.. can't say anything else to find that the one who creates the quote really understand me :')
well it's not for me though it's a true story for some people, that's a normal biological thingy right..

btw hows the long holiday college readers?? and what about the first week of school dear highschoolers?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

let this ends for a new beginning :)

hello lovelies, it’s been a while since the last time I posted on this blog
as usual, it’s all because i was in my most hectic period for the last 4 months, doing the craziest thing ever (read: undergraduate thesis).. fyi: I do really hate writing & reading those theoritical things, so it’s kinda challenging for me to born this thesis
aaaaand *taraaa* finally I can make it.. I did made it and finally all the things have already finished now.
Thank God I can finish this bachelor degree well :’)
Thanks for everyone who has supported and accompanied me during these 4 years univ life, especially when i’m doing the thesis..
and also my lovely readers that give me lots of spirit and inspiration
finally I can accomplished my final goal for the univ period (and also what my dad want me to get on this final semester)
hundreds words can’t describe my bunch of gratitude.. I’m more than blessed

So this is time to share some picts during my final moments struggling with the bachelor degree
thesis defense time!

presentation slide and thesis hardcopy to follow me in the 'hot room'



full team with the adviser lecturer
good and bad times together in thesis struggle

the girls team

 waiting room - Pusjur Ars UI

and this is it, the lovely Architectural Undergraduate Thesis!!!
after 3 months establishing, finally...
my baby was born already :)
 born with mind, heart, and experience for the happy ending of small part in my life

“It’s not how you start, but it’s how you finish”