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CIREBON, the hidden enchantment of Java

so after a very long time leaving my blog away, this time I'd like to post about 3day2night trip with my friends to Cirebon on 7-9 Agt '12 (yes too late I know it's last month, please blame the tight graduation preparation schedule)..
you might ask "why Cirebon?" "what's exciting about Cirebon?" or even "where's Cirebon?" lol

to be honest, the first time I heard about Cirebon, I just think it's a small town in West Java and I don't even know its exact location.. but my friend said the traditional food there is pretty yummy, so I certainly excited to go there *don't ask how much weight I gain after went back*

If you have the same thought as me, you should definitely know what I found there.. I just realized that Cirebon (or formerly called Cheribon by the local people) is one of the hidden enchantment in Indonesia.. Lots of amazing historical places that are supposed to be conserved by the government as it's a great heritage site

to burn your curiosity, let's start the journey story...

day 1

After having lunch with Nasi Ati and fresh sweet Es Campur in the middle of the (extremely) hot Cirebon, we're sightseeing for a while to Santa Maria School where my (Cirebon native) friend, Santoso, was having his study..
Then the history tour started with Keraton Kasepuhan. Actually there are lots of Keraton (or in english we called it palace) in Cirebon. When I read the history, it's caused by the dispute among the siblings in the history of Keraton Cirebon.
Keraton Kasepuhan is the oldest keraton in Cirebon that shows lots of story about the past Cirebon inside..

FULL TEAM!!! *yeay* this is a super rare moment..
so please welcome my best partner-in-crime during college years:
(left to right) Nico, Jessica, Jessica Lie, Ryan, me, Santoso, Mijo
Sultan's throne
it's still used till now, so the tourists are not allowed to enter this area

ceramic collection from China which told Jesus' story, there are other collections that told the story 'bout the Prophet Muhammad.. It shows that this keraton was built by the combination of some traditions

3D painting *the guide said*
his eyes and left leg keep facing us wherever we look at it from

Kereta Singa Barong

Then we moved to Goa Sunyaragi. This is my most fav place!!! you're gonna be surprised to see what kind of place it is.. that's a kind of caves where the king and his relatives did their activity such as meditating, negotiating, training the soldiers, and also relaxing.. This place is more related to spiritual activities while the Keraton is more related to formal activities.
What I like here is the view of the rock caves that I've never imagine will exist in the city like Cirebon.. it doesn't look like a city but looks more like a countryside on the hills..
China?? No, it's Cirebon!

the rock elephant statue

it used to fill with water

Bali?? No, it's Cirebon!

*extra pict* this one is not historical places or what.. you can find this place everywhere in indonesia..
well, it's timezone *fingercrossed* we played there to kill the time while waiting for the karaoke studio opened

*food of the day: Nasi Ati, Es Campur, Baso Rudal, Mie Koclok

day 2

it's time for natural journey.. we went to Kuningan, countryside of Cirebon.. let say it's just like "Puncak of Cirebon" (if u're not a Jakarta citizen, lemme explain it.. Puncak is a countryside of Jakarta where people usually spent their weekend here to enjoy the fresh air and relaxing atmosphere instead of the city's bustle)..
The first place that we visit this day is Curug (the Sundanese word for "waterfall") Si Domba.. another amazing place that I've never imagine will find it here..
they put lots of warning and wise words, and one of them is a prohibition for women who are menstruating to enter into the waterfall area which made one of my friend can't enter it *pity her*

actually we planned to visit a fish breeding reservoir after it, but too bad that it's already closed by the time we went there.. So we went to another place near there, the place where the Linggarjati Agreement was held. fyi, this agreement is one of the most important occurence in Indonesia's history.
I expected it would be another historical site, but surprisingly there's an extra natural view there.. A beautiful park is lied adorning the outside of Linggarjati Agreement building.

 imitating the picture on the monument
look at the right side, 2 local citizen kids suddenly sat there when we took the pict.. lol

*food of the day: Nasi Jamblang, Susu Sapi Murni, Roti Bakar

day 3
-end day of trip-

on the last day we just went for eating Cirebon's traditional food, Nasi Lengko, and some traditional desserts. Also buy some Cirebonese(?) gifts for our fam. But due to the very-smooth-traffic in Cirebon, we still have some spare time to visit some places before the departure..
Bank Indonesia building
built in art-deco style, it's still well maintained that we can see the building is very cleanly paint in white
It's one of the conserved building as it becomes a part of Indonesian history

Klenteng Talang
a Kong Hu Cu Klenteng (Buddhist Temple) that becomes the witness of Javanese kings relationship with Chinese and their descendants in Java
 Yin & Yang

*food of the day: Nasi Lengko, Tahu Gejrot, Pisang Ijo

Maybe some of you don't find the excitement of these historical and natural places.. To be honest, I used have the same thought before, but since I went to Architectural school I found the different feeling of that kind of places.. I get my mind out of the border that I used to make, and it becomes an addiction to me for finding some interesting spaces that beyond our everyday life..
So guys, let's explore our nature & culture, trust me you'll get a new dimension that may broaden your mind :)

*credit goes to Jessica Seriani & Nicholas Hakim for all the picts here that taken by their camera*


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