Monday, September 17, 2012

Graduation: Ending or Starting?

Time flies..
stereotype, yet indeed true..
flashback to years ago, piece of joke while we were in a deadline of final assignments:
A: "udah ngeprint display belom?"  (eng: "have you printed the display?")
B: "udah ngumpul report donk"  (eng: "I've even submitted the report")  #joke1
C: "gw udah fitting kebaya"  (eng: "and I've done kebaya's fitting")  #joke2

I always smile when remembering those jokes. Realizing that now the kebaya has already worn, and it'll be just a memory..
(for non-Indonesian readers, kebaya is Javanese traditional clothes. Most of the universities in Java ask their female graduates to use it on the graduation day)
1 short day that will be our most wonderful memory among the 4 years :')
turning our life from a students for about 18 years into ............. (I leave this one blank, let the time bring us to our respective way)

Happy, sad, heartwarming, satisfied, worried..
that's how I felt over the graduation.. if you've ever passed this stage, you must be able to explain each of those feelings..

and here's a bit of happiness depiction that captured by the lens

Graduation Rehearsal 06.09.12
(Gladi Resik Wisuda)

Graduation 07.09.12

Thank God finally the last 4 years end up nicely with transforming my name officially into

Vera Araminta Wahyudi S.Ars

This title not only just a name addition, but this means that I've exchanged my time with knowledge.. Something that has to be accounted for.. Though I haven't decided where will I bring this thing on the future.

No other thing I could say except THANK YOU :)
Thank you my God, my parents, my sister, lecturers, bestfriends, highschool friends, Ars '08, Ars UI (senior & junior), and everyone...
Thank you for everyone that has been filled my college life, thanks for lemme understand that life isn't that easy as when we're in highschool..
thanks for leaving a good lesson, that every person has their own inclination and we have to determine our own way..
Now lemme start a new life with new people in a new place, and keep those 4 years as a memories that had shaped me this way..

and thank God for this one, my only goal for college life (the simplest goal in my school life history)
just to make my parents proud of me, and simple self actualization..
it might be just an ordinary thing for some other people, maybe some other people can achieve it easily
but I don't care, this is my goal, as long as it has been accomplished I feel satisfied
I don't strive hard anymore for this time.. Though I can get a better GPA if I work harder, but I feel too bored and tired already with all these stuff..

and another regret comes while remembering I've refused the second chance of studying in the univ that I've been craving for when I graduated from highschool.. just because I've felt so comfortable and I'm afraid I can't continue studying architecture (*that univ doesn't have any architecture major)..
I've even said to my dad "I give up, let me stay here and maybe someday my sis will be the one who realize it" but my dad answered "no, u're the one who will make it" :')
I'm feeling guilty everytime remember that I keep choosing what I like than following what my parents planned for me.. I might get a better education there, if only......... (okey, people said, regret always comes late).. sorry my beloved parents, I promise will do better from now on :)
So after all, graduation is the end of a studying period as well as a starting point of a new stage of life..
never stop surviving, never stop studying..
we still have a long way towards our real end :)


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  2. Congrats on your graduation! You make-up looks beautiful :)

  3. congratulation for the graduation! (:

  4. Hi there, Congratulation for your graduation! (and for your achievement to get a cumlaude)I am still in my fifth semester of university life, long way to go.. What is your plan after graduate?:)

    P.S: I wrote a post about a life after college : work or entrepreneur here, hopefully it will help you! <3

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  7. Happy graduation dear..


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  9. Congratulation!!!
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