Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 : Turning Point Timeline

been a while since the last time I took care of this blog
and hello the very last day of 2012..

it's been a very memorable year for me
the biggest turning point of my life so far: leaving the 4 yrs university life, leaving the 18 yrs 'student status', starting to reach my dreams...

as I entered the university 4 yrs ago, i've noted 2012 as a special year.. yes, GRADUATION! that's all I thought about at that time
but as the time goes by, it's no longer only about graduation.. all the 'after university plan' came up and kept changing during the 4 yrs

it's funny how suddenly at the beginning of 2011, a rumor about doomsday in 2012 came out.. idk what people think when hear it.. me myself directly thought about the graduation and imagined how if it comes on my graduation day, it would be a historical graduation ever.. besides i thought about my dreams, if the doomsday were really happened in 2012 so I wouldn't be able to be a real architect, and all those 4 yrs are just in vain
but luckily, the rumor said it would happened on 12-12-12 or 21-12-2012 so that means even if the doomsday really came I would hv worked for 'bout 2 months
and another lucky, we're still alive now guys.. we still have time to get our plans before the real doomsday *so keep stay alert*

so back to the topic..
being the same 1 year, 2012 has brought me to an adventurous life that it feels like i've been through more than 1 year
starting from the beginning of the year: final year project, abroad internship, thesis, final judgement, graduation, and the last starting work life..
can you imagine?? all those greater event in my life happened in 1 year, 2012!!
I'll never forget this year.. let's say it's my turning point
this year gone extremely fast that i cant even breath for a while to get a total rest thought
still remember one of the experience while i hv to submit my fyp report (that supposed to be done longer in order to get perfect result) but at the same day i hv to start my internship.. So w/out having any sleep & even no breakfast i rush to reach the office bcause it's been very late.. fiuhhh *hope it's just once in my lifetime*

flashback to what i've finished this year, here is a memorable timeline from where i start to choose architecture as my life

people said, life is like a wheel, sometimes u're at the top but sometimes u may be at the bottom
all the good things happened to me during 2012, but surprisingly the worst thing ever in my life came to close this year
something bad happened at the end of the year, and this made me realize that what we have and what we get are just entrusted goods from God.. we're nothing once God wants to get it all away from you
everything happened for a reason.. i know for sure, it's not a bad thing actually. I got lots of lesson over the incident.
Luckily it happened still in 2012. I consider it as a warning to start a better new life in 2013 and the following years

So afterall, let's say WELCOME 2013!!
have a greater year..


  1. congrats on passing you degree :)
    happy new year :)

  2. unas fotos geniales!! ^^
    Feliz año nuevo! :D

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  4. happy new year!
    congrats for your graduation :D
    can't wait for mine hihihi

  5. happy new years dear!!and congrats!!

  6. congrats with gradution <3

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