Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014, now you see me!!

Remember last year I asked for a better year than 2012 that turns out it didn’t go as I expected earlier. Then I realized that good things will come when u make things good. 2012 is indeed my best year so far, but looking back to how life’s going during 2013 has finally reminded me that it’s going better. 2013 isn’t my greatest year but surely it’s a good one. Things aren’t go well casually but the way we face it that makes it good. And the most incredible part of 2013 is knowing that God send me wonderful people to accompany me during my (so far) hardest time. There is always somebody –either accidentally or intentionally- who always help me solved the problems or made the right decision.

Welcome 2014..
Now Im so ready to face whatever happen the upcoming year just like how exciting I was everytime getting to a new class during the school period.

This year, I don’t wish for a good year anymore, I wish for a year of unimaginable challenges instead..


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