♥ a little lady with a huge world, who starts a little dream to get a huge future ♥

I'm a 21 y.o. Architecture student. I do love discovering something new. I’m such a perfectionist. I’ll strive to get everything I want, no matter how hard it is. I really dislike those who get me to do this and that, I’ll just do everything I wanna do. I hate people interfering my own business, I hate them asking me something private.

I do love ART... I heart everything that related to art..  music, painting, singing, dancing are everything I need in my life..
And also, Architecture is the one I can’t set apart from my dream (besides many other dreams which fulfill my mind).

Writing is my way to get along with this life. I have to write what I’m going to do, what I’ve done, and what I’m feeling.. I write everywhere, whether in a diary, agenda, blog, or even my cellphone (especially when I don’t have much time to prepare any writing tools)..
I’m fond of sharing what I’m feeling and thinking, as sharing happines will muliply it and sharing sadness will divide it (but I don’t have any intention to make you feel sad on reading my posts).

I love my life. I never regret for both happiness and sadness I’ve gone through till now. It’s just like the colors that form the rainbow of my life. 

-Life is the art of drawing without an eraser-